“The 5 Secrets To Set You Free from Feeling
Fat, Frazzled & Frumpy Forever”



Monday, August 21st
8 PM Eastern Time
7 PM Central Time
5 PM Pacific Time

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  • You want fast AND lasting results for your healthy, fit and sexy body
  • You're sick and tired of breaking promises to yourself about sticking to your diet
  • You've tried and tried to lose the weight and keep it off --- but it always seems to come back!

Chances are you've been struggling for years to get rid of those extra pounds, fight the challenges of slowing metabolism as we age AND ... this is your opportunity to finally WIN and have the happy, healthy and feeling great!

Angela Atkins

Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, Certified Nutritional Therapist, Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

About Angela Atkins +

Angela owns and operates Your Health Unbound™, an online resource dedicated to empowering individuals to look at their whole health picture, equip them with the information they need take control of their health, and be their own best health advocate.

Her journey to health and wellness came after neglecting her own health and even then, only after being very sick for many years.

After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Angela committed herself to helping others restore their health relying on the theory of biochemical individuality and whole foods. Her research into food sensitivities and allergies revealed much about her own health and has helped her resolve health issues with her coaching clients without medication. Using the tools she now teaches to her clients, Angela lost 55 pounds in just 6 months almost effortlessly.

From her work with clients and her own experiences, Angela has discovered that as a society we are bombarded with misinformation from the media, we submit to medical professionals that may not be looking at the bigger picture, and in general have given up control of our own health and wellbeing.

Being your own health advocate doesn’t mean not listening to your doctors or “bucking the system” but becoming an educated and empowered consumer.

Angela’s approach is to help her clients look at their whole health picture – physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational – and bring everything into alignment. Using an integrative approach to bridge the gap between conventional and functional medicine.

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